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Animal Health/Veterinarian.

Electronic animal management allows you to quickly identify an animal of interest and link important health information on the spot in the field.

Livestock and Animal Health Management.

Managing livestock on a reliable and accurate electronic management system.

Lambing Solution.

Reveal the structure and history of your flock with the power of electronic management .

Livestock Management Solutions

Farming practices vary dramatically worldwide and between types of animals. At N2Gr8LTD we have teamed up with industry leading experts to bring new and exciting solutions to the marketplace.

Precision livestock farming (PLF) is nothing new. It wasn’t so long ago that most farmers knew each of the animals by name. Indeed, a farmer could typically identify by sight who the parents were and discuss other important characteristics.

Through the unique livestock management software farmers can access and input a wide variety of data to suit unique specific requirements. Software is user configurable which enables additional fields and data to be captured.

By using rugged handhelds and rugged Notepads which can be wirelessly connected, data is processed immediately on servers, and the results are instantly available.

Precision livestock farming requires computer-supported tools. The following types are available:

  • Electronic Livestock Management
  • Electronic Livestock Traceability
  • Animal Health Inspection
  • Brand Inspection
  • Reproductive Herd Management
  • Lambing software

Precision Livestock Farming is all about recognising the individual properties of each animal which in itself brings huge benefits to the industry

By adopting EID (electronic identification) farmers are finding more than just added value at the livestock markets.  Traditional pen and paper methods for collecting animal information can now be replaced by powerful hand held software programs that allow the user to collect and manage animal information in a fraction of the time.  With farmers becoming more involved and providing input into these programs the systems are now reliable and effective.

Our Solutions

Advantech/Dlog - Rugged Industrial Products for Ports Luceor mesh - New wireless fully distributed solutions Mobile forms for Business Applications - Formotus, taking mobile productivity to the next level Warehouse management - Microlistics ISIS Enterprise and ISIS Express Livestock management - Precision livestock farming is nothing new Consultancy - We have over 20 years in experience



FaST Audit

FaST Brand-Auction Mobile

FaST Audit
FaST Brand Auction

Premier mobile asset identification, management, and traceability software.

FaST EID Literature

FaST EID Research

Electronic Certified Veterinary Inspection Designed to assist in collecting information for easy data input that matches vet inspection requirements.

eCVI Flow Chart

eCVI Info

FaST Audit Software is Designed for Private or government questionnaires that are conducted on a regular basis in an extreme environment. This mature program takes paper based systems to an electronic format that improves traceability and accuracy.

Livestock inspection software that communicates directly with the FaST BRAND Auction/PC to create a complete inspection program.

FaST Brand-Country Mobile

FaST Brand-Auction PC

FaST Brand Country
FaST Brand Auction

Livestock inspection software for field or country inspections that require proof of ownership.

Livestock inspection software that communicates with the mobile FaST BRAND-AUCTION program for a complete inspection program.

At N2gr8LTD we offer various products and solutions (Electronic Identification) and we’d welcome the opportunity to understand your unique requirements so we may share information which helps you make the correct decision regarding your livestock management technology solution.